Saving the Life of your Smartphone Screen

A friend of mine called me today and his first sentence to me was: “you saved my life!” Since I used to enjoy his sense of humor, I started wondering what kind of funny story he was about to tell. But he actually seemed quite serious and feeling my hesitation went on: “you saved my iPhone SE. It fell down in the gravel. I was in an outdoor parking lot when I finished my phone call and was about to place it back in my jeans’ back pocket. Actually, I thought it was in my pocket when I distractively Iet it slide down and it was not: it crashed on the floor among millions of small stones. The tempered glass screen protector was shattered but still in one piece. Once removed, I was delighted to find out my smartphone screen was flawless, not even a tiny scratch. If it had not been fitted with the Tekno Logik tempered glass screen protector you gave me, my phone’s screen would have ended up in pieces. And it would have cost me a fortune to get it repaired. Now I need another screen protector: I do not want to leave my phone a single day without one. Can you send me the corresponding Amazon link?” I was quite pleased to hear how amazing our screen protector quality is. Indeed, Tekno Logik praises to sell the best tempered glass screen protectors available on the market.