Protecting your smartphone screen

Why you should use tempered glass screen protectors?

Screens are one of the costliest parts of your smartphone and when a smartphone falls down, the odds are high that it might land on its screen. Although screen technology has drastically improved over time, when a screen hits the ground it usually does not stay unnoticed: we all know what a damaged screen may look like. If not totally broken, impacts usually leave unremovable marks: the smartphone you bought just two days earlier now looks like a second hand.

How can we prevent smartphone screen damages?

You might have bumped into your granny’s old Nokia or other such vintage mobile phones. In those days, screens were small and not yet tactile. Flexible plastic screen protectors were already available and logically, similar screen protectors started being available for modern smartphones with limited reliability. Indeed, modern smartphones are characterized by very large tactile screens for what plastic screen protectors somehow only protect from mild scratches. In the event your new Sony Xperia X would fall off your pocket, such light screen protection would certainly not be strong enough to prevent your mobile screen from bursting.

However, some bright people thought of protecting smartphone screens with screen protectors made from the very same material as screens themselves: tempered glass. Tempered glass offers strong protection from external damages while offering great tactile properties and there is currently no better protection for your smartphone screen.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is not just glass. To make it very simple, it is a kind of sandwich alternating thin plastic sheets and genuine glass. Plastic sheets are there to avoid the glass to shatter and split into tiny pieces: even severely broken, the sandwich remains and your tempered glass sheet stays in one piece. Glass used in constructions or car windows, often referred as safety glass, is actually tempered glass.

So tempered glass screen protectors are unbreakable?

Not so fast… I am afraid I am going to disappoint you: do you happen to know any unbreakable material? Any material can be altered, there is no such thing as unbreakable and tempered glass is no exception. Nonetheless, it is very resistant : good quality tempered glass screen protectors can have a hardness of 9H or above. Those are called 9H+ screen protectors. Those are designed to withstand scratches and impacts without breaking. But on a major impact, they would absorb the shock and break in place of your smartphone’s original screen.  Taking a concrete example, if your iPhone 6s falls face down on a rock, the tempered glass screen protector will take the shock. It might break but will leave your smartphone screen spotless. It is just like if your smartphone was wearing a bullet proof jacket. Just as after being shot, you would survive but would have to throw away the bullet proof jacket, your smartphone would have to get rid of its damaged screen protector but its screen would have made it. As you can imagine, it is cheaper to have to change a tempered glass screen protector rather than your smartphone’s original screen.


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